Thursday, June 26, 2014

A spoon full of sugar isn't going to help this... (oral related)

One of the bigger bedroom hurdles we've encountered was my issue with giving him oral.
I had some bad experiences in the past and had made my mind up that I was never putting another penis in my mouth.

Leap all the way to when the Mister and I get together.
He was ok with my stance and understood.
He never pressured me and life was good until our daughter was born.
Then my lady bits were traumatized and were put out of commission by her big noggin.
I then had to explore some new avenues of intimacy because even though sex was out I still wanted to connect with him on that level.
I started with a hand-job that just felt awkward and then I freaked when cum go on my hand.
Bless his heart the Mister took it in stride and did his best to not feel hurt by my reaction. (though I know he was a little)

So I steadily worked on getting comfortable with the hand-job and his special sauce that way.
One time he surprised me with his orgasm and like a total moron I tried to stopper it with my thumb! lmao total FAIL and it kinda blue balled him. Oops!

It took me almost a year which isn't too bad considering we had a wee one that seemed to possess nookie radar.
There for a little while we were just perfecting the art of a quickie during nap time and sometimes that was cut short.

I finally felt ready to take the next step and put him in my mouth.
I am blessed with a hardly any gag reflex so that's fortunate.
I discovered that having him in my mouth wasn't too bad and once I learned I could make him twitch with pleasure I felt empowered!
I would suck on him for a while and then use my hand to finish him off.

FINALLY after much patience on the Misters part I decided last summer to try keeping him in my mouth when he came.

I'm a nerd so I researched the bejeezus out of it lmao
I watched videos, I read articles, even asked friends for pointers on what to expect.
I even bought a book! Fabulously titled Tickle his Pickle ;)

My first attempt was a DISASTER!
He warned me when he was getting close and I froze... TWICE!
Finally I gathered my nerve and forged ahead because I really didn't want to blue ball him and...
I GAGGED and made a noise like a cat with a hairball.
UGH it tasted AWFUL! Like pool water or bleach O.o
Not what I was expecting at all.

We have discovered that eating pineapple does improve the taste some but I still haven't worked up the courage to swallow just yet