Sunday, November 30, 2014

Whisper naughty somethings in my ear...

So as of late HB and I have been venturing into new territory for us in the bedroom.
Nothing to kinky so far just some spanking and trying out some dirty talk.
Dirty talk is entirely new to us.
HB is one of those guys that very rarely makes any noise during sex or even oral.
The only way I can ever tell if he's getting close to cumming is by his breathing and while blowing him he starts to twitch almost vibrate near the end. During sex I can obviously tell because he either pulls out or I can feel him throb.
I'm very fortunate though that he never wants to sneak attack me and always tells me during oral when he's about to bust. I'm still not totally up with swallowing so I think he does it so I don't gag... too much.

I had tried to be vocal in the past but Ex's long gone told me to shut up and that guys don't want to hear that. SO I clammed up and only moan now.

The first time HB whispered dirty things in my ear I don't think he was even aware that he did it but damn was it HAWT!
When I mentioned it to him the next day he blushed so cutely!
Then he asked me what I wanted him to say! I think I blushed more then him at that point lol
I told him I had no idea what he should say but that I wanted to try it considering I love his voice.

He started laughing immediately telling me about a bit from one of his favorite comedians named John Caparulo. He does a bit about talking dirty to his wife and all he could think to say was "I want you to come inside me" lmao

Well I don't want to hear that!
Thankfully he has come up with some short sentences that do the trick for me. I don't think I could handle it if he tried talking to me like a porn star though or tried calling me names. That wouldn't fly. I know some people get into that though and Hey whatever works! Different stroke for different folks :)

I have finally worked my way up to being able to talk try talking dirty back to him.
BOY was he surprised by that!
I really enjoying teasing him when I know he's right near the end.

So far this has helped add a little flare to our sex life (not that it needed it). 

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